Curatorial Practice (Selected)

The Finest Bubble, Magdalena Los and Pablo Schlumberger, Yellow Space, Varese, Italy, 2019; Gender Hierarchy: Recycling Its Errors, Space One, Goethe Institut Korea, Seoul, South Korea, 2019, (co-curation with InYoung Yeo, Florian Müller); Fiffi, Daniel Hopp, Laura Sigrüner, Utz Biesemann and Signe Raunkjaer Holm, Strizzi, Cologne, 2018; Peaches - artistic Symposium, Galerie Genscher, Hamburg, 2018; Strizzi at Palazzo Campofranco, Julius Brauckmann and Shigeru Takato, Colleteral Events, Manifesta 12, Palermo, 2018 (co-curation with Florian Müller); Edgar Sarin and Mateo Revillo, (co-curation with Gabrielle Tramond), Strizzi, Cologne, 2018; Switchpoint. Secrets Are A Perfect Stand-in For Boundaries, Signe Raunjaer Holm, Galerie Genscher, Hamburg, 2018; Confessing Animals, Rosanna Graf, Ausstellungsraum für Brauchbarkeit, Cologne, 2018; Do like me! – Weibliche Interventionen im Netz, (co-curation with Dr. Oliver Zybok), Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lubeck, 2018; Sensitivities: The inner state (Matter of concern), Westwerk, Hamburg, 2018; Thomas Zipp – White Rabbit (Martin Luther), (curatorial assistance), Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lubeck, 2017; Lubeck Collects 1, (curatorial assistance), Kunsthalle St. Annen, Lubeck, 2017; Curatorial management of the project as you can see, HFBK Gallery, Hamburg (exhibitions with Hannah Perry, Laura Sigrüner, Carlos León, Utz Biesemann, Rosanna Graf and Immanuel Birkert), 2016-2017; Das helle Zimmer, Sophie Schweighart, Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lubeck, 2016 (curatorial assistance); The Simple Life, Reeperbahnfestival, Hamburg, 2016; Gestundet, Sophie Schweighart, (co-curation with Florian Müller), Ausstellungsraum für Brauchbarkeit, Cologne, 2016; Curator and founder of the project space HFBK Hugs, Karolinenstraße 2a, Hamburg (exhibitions with Sophie Schweighart, Jana Rippmann, Marie Lüder, Sanna Helena Berger, Rosanna Graf, Paulina Nolte, Lucia Bachner, Alex Chalmers, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, Finn Wagner, Jil Lahr, Hilma Bäckström, Carl Brandi and Daniel Hopp), 2015-2016.